We are a manufacturer with a tradition in the production of metal molds for refractory ceramics

We offer:

  • Steel molds including frame for hydraulic presses weighing up to 5,000 kg
  • Processing of structural documentation for molds using 3D/CAD/CAM system (Autodesk, EdeCAM)
  • Short lead times for ordinary ceramics molds. Production about 4-5 weeks from entering
  • Molds for concrete blocks
  • Production of aluminum molds
  • Producing appliances, gauges and meters
  • Production of spare parts for ceramic industry

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Our technological capabilities in the metal:

Cutting of material:

  • Cutting machine (sheets up to 150m) 2000x3000 mm
  • Electro machining (wire cutting) 600x800x400 mm
  • Bandsaw section of 400x500 mm


  • Conventional milling 500x600x1000 mm
  • 3D CNC milling (vertical) mm 810x810x2080
  • 3D CNC milling (horizontal - boring) 1500x1500x1200 mm


  • Planar 2000x600 mm
  • Shaped 1000x600 mm

Contact Information Steel molds:

Foreign Countries
Hovorka Petr
+420 461 579 189
+420 604 729 267
Vyjidackova Jana
+420 461 579 116